Managed IT

” If it’s important, keep it away from IT “
— frustrated user

Kid you not, this is a real quote from staff during an IT Consultation. The employees here have grown accustom to not trusting their IT systems. They have been left to fend for themselves.

Welcome to the world of workarounds, quick fix patch work, and where server crashes are the norm.

Then the questions roll in:

  • Why do we have so many problems ?
  • Why does the same issues reoccur ?
  • I’ve restarted 3 times already…
  • Why are things so slow ?
  • Where’s my data ?


Now this business has more than one dedicated IT Staff. These are tenured employees, very loyal, and hard working. Why so many problems? Why is staff so frustrated?
The list is long. But let us tell you what happened…

They hired Compnology to fully Manage their IT Systems. Immediately staff gave rave feedback on the technical support they received. Real help, clear answers, training and patience. Within just a short time, daily and weekly crashes started to fade away. Frustration levels decreased. People could now focus on their work rather than worry about their technology.

How is this done?


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Managing your IT does not mean giving up anything. Simply means hiring a professional firm to ensure all data, servers, computers and network systems are operating optimal and reliable. Typically also provides technical support services.

Enables you to trust your data.

If you don’t own your network, someone else will.

IT as a Profit

We Declare that everyone's IT should be a PROFIT POINT and NOT an Expense. Our clients profit more than the IT Department investment. The methodology is...