Downtime Prevention

” I never know when the server will restart “
— Fresno Business CEO

When’s the last time your network went down?

How bad was your last virus infection?  Were you able to recover all your data?  Did you pay the ransom?

If this is you, then I’d like to introduce you to our clients.

The industry has abused this word “prevention” and “proactive”. Granted its a powerful and profitable element to your business, if actually executed well. We’re focusing on the fact that people can do their job, their not frustrated, not worrying about technology, no quiet voice wondering when stuff will break or restart. They can focus on their role within the organization.

Ask any of our clients, when the last time their system was down? When people couldn’t do their work? Likely they can’t even remember when.

Would you like that ?
Imagine what that would mean to your organization.


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If this is foreign to you, you must be incredibly fortunate…  or you have a great IT Department.  Seriously you should go buy him/her/them a Starbucks, give them a hug.  Setup a daily thank you card to their desk.  IT doesn’t just happen and if your stuff is solid and reliable, then you have an IT crew diligent to keep it that way.


However, when you do face a serious outage, what is your business continuity plan?  We can even take a stable environment and further reduce risk with the right business continuity plan.

IT as a Profit

We Declare that everyone's IT should be a PROFIT POINT and NOT an Expense. Our clients profit more than the IT Department investment. The methodology is...