WFH Cyber Security Training
25Apr 2020
Nathan DeSutter
Coronavirus – Cyber Security Training (WFH)

#WFH is a Cyber Criminal dream.  During the #WFH rush (work from home), network security has commonly been shoved aside or skipped in some cases altogether.  Do not be mistaken, there is a significant raise in threats and attacks on all organizations.

CyberSecurity Workshop

CyberSecurity Workshop

For the duration of the #WFH country wide enforcement, and as a way of doing our part, Compnology is providing (at no cost) Cyber Security Training, tailored for WFH situations, for your entire team.   Contact us for details and to schedule a training.

Based in the Greater Fresno, CA area, for 20 years Compnology has been providing IT Management and Cyber Security Consulting for business around the country.

UPDATE:  We’ve made public a #WFH – Security Awareness Training video.


If you would like to schedule a Cyber Security Training for your organization, contact us.


Nathan DeSutter

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